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Month: June 2021

Lodi Cyclefest 2021

The cat3/4 race Lodi Cyclefest 2021 was a great experience! Besides a few TNTs it was my first crit and I will be honest and say I didn’t think that I’d like it…But, I had a ton of fun! I sat in in the back; there were about 10 of us, combined cat3, cat4 (me), and novice.

Bobas TTT picture

Boba’s Team Time Trial 2021

This was a new course that the Boba’s concocted. Actually, a good one that has no stop signs and only one right turn. (Only if their directions to the start area were as good as the course!) We found the staging area at Springhill Road just off Bodega. Critical feedback aside, we always appreciate the efforts of our local rival club to put on their underground time trials and road race…

Missoula Pro UCI Race 2021

Montana was sick! The short track was a super short loop that started on a gravel strip then went up to the top of a dual slalom track and then circle back around through a nice, wooded section. I started near the back of the group since it was my first UCI level race, but right off the start I shot into the middle of the pack. The laps were fast and hard, there was nowhere to rest on the course, my legs were frying. I got pulled after about 11 minutes finishing somewhere around 40th.

Copperopolis Road Race 2021

Ok, this one was a bad idea. I love the race but with now only 5 days of riding outside, heading to the gnarliest race course in NorCal, with a descent each lap that you have to bomb despite being bumped all over the place with your bike sounding like it’s falling apart beneath you, well, glad I did it but my body still aches days later…