Red Peloton Cycling Team

Team Logo

Mission, Vision and Strategy

Our Mission: The Red Peloton seeks to be the premier race and cycling club in Sonoma County, and promotes cycling in all forms. We strive to be an enthusiastic, talented, safe, and inclusive group of cyclists, maintaining our core values of giving back to the community, volunteerism, and positive bike advocacy.

Our Vision: for the next 3 to 5 years is for the Red Peloton to become the preeminent cycling club and a strong racing team in Sonoma County for enthusiastic cyclists of all disciplines (road, cross, MTB, endurance).

Our Strategy: to achieve our vision centers around the following 4 pillars:

  • Membership Pillar – Grow our membership with a purpose in mind:
    • Recruit: Proactive recruitment of membership:
      • Inclusive: Grow membership of women
      • Inclusive: Grow younger membership
      • Inclusive: Recruit racers to join the team
    • Retain: Actively re-recruit existing membership by adding social activities, more diverse rides options, and an improved communication strategy.
  • Community Pillar – Contribute in meaningful ways to the cycling community and beyond
    • Organize and expand member participation and engagement in Philanthropy / Volunteering.
  • Racing Pillar – Foster a supportive racing team environment
    • Rider/racer development program: Training, coaching, mentoring…
    • Encouraging and supporting racing: Recruit racers, financial, spectators
    • Improve the local experience to grow enthusiasm/participation

Sponsorship Pillar – Organize and grow sponsorship to support all our programs


As a 501(c)3 organization, the Red Peloton not only gives back to the community through our events and programs, we also work to make it a safer environment for cyclists and residents alike. A sample of  the events we produce and co-produce each season includes:    Bike Rideos for kids   Riding clinics for community members   Up to seven team-lead group rides each week for all levels of cyclists  Toy and food drives for the needy and homeless, in partnership with the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Association, the local firefighters union and the Sonoma County Bike Coalition  Trash-collection rides along our backcountry roads twice per year  Co-sponsor a weekly critermium series in that runs from April to September  Two weekend races, officially sanctioned by USA Cycling.   Staffing for the Amgen Tour of Califonia  Sponsorship of junior-level riders both financially and with coaching, enabling several promising young athletes to join the Professional ranks each year. 


The Team:   

The Red Peloton racing team is made up of road cyclist, mountain bikers, triathletes, cyclocross racers, Nordic skiers, and runners; we are proud to rank among the best competitors in California in every category.  

We encompass several tiers of racing talent: We have an Elite cycling team of Pro, 1, 2 racers, both men and woman, as well as a thriving club team that races Cat 3, 4, 5 and Masters.  

In 2009, the Elite Pro 1, 2, team compiled a staggering 111 podiums as well as 200+ top 10 finishes. These results were achieved across multiple disciplines. 

Needless to say, the Red Peloton provides high-level visibility at races and on the podium for all of the sponsors we proudly represent. 

The Red Peloton Demographics:           The Red Peloton is an invitation-only race/club team made up of roughly 80 men and women ranging in age from 18 through Masters 50+.  Our team is comprised of an eclectic group that includes: doctors, engineers, firefighters, business owners, teachers, journalists, dentists, coaches, sheriff’s deputies, consultants, nurses, professors, photographers, students and more.  Red Peloton race/club members fly our colors with pride and promote our sponsors every chance we get.