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Club Rides Committee (Director: Sal Lucido)



Annual goals / Objectives:


Committee members required: 

Community Service Committee (Director: Austin Hermosillo)

Focus: Contribute in meaningful ways to the cycling community and beyond through volunteering and philanthropy.

Opportunity: As a nonprofit we have an obligation to give back. Volunteer participation/engagement is on the decline. Without the philanthropy Red Peloton serves no value to the greater community.

Annual goals / Objectives:

  • Membership participation/engagement
  • By December 31st, 2020 maintain at least 80% membership participation to volunteer obligation
  • Budget Allocation
  • By December 31st, Donate X% to charitable causes
  • Volunteer Opportunity Development
  • Due to uncertainty with our “routine” volunteer opportunities the goal here would be to develop 2-3 new opportunities by the end of the year.

Committee members required: 4 – 5 members: -Cttee Director + 3 or 4 more.

Finance Committee (Director: Sarah Pierpoint)

Focus: All matters relating to income and expenditure for Red Peloton.

Opportunity: Team will not function without managed funding.

Annual goals / Objectives:

  • Ensure we have a balanced budget for the team activities for the year and that all income and expenditure is correctly recorded and reported (to the BOD, team, and required authorities.)
  • Race and other reimbursement are paid out and recorded on a timely basis.

Committee members required: For preparing budget proposal in the autumn, a small team of the treasurer, finance director, president (or VP), and one other is required. Proposal is then voted on by full BOD.Routine bookkeeping work performed throughout the year by the treasurer (race reimbursement by the finance director and president may be called on to help with debt collection). 

Committee members: 

  • Treasurer: Terri Ruttledge
  • Finance Director: Sarah Pierpoint
  • President: Javier Sanchez
  • LeeAnn Paul
  • Cole Rasmussen

Membership Committee (Director: Steve Reddie)

Focus: Support and expansion of our Club membership.

Opportunity: Team membership is currently 66 count. Demographics are biased toward older and male gender. We need to set Club up for success and continuity.

(Looking for good contributing members to the RP reflective of our Pillars, not driven by membership count – 70-90 target).

Annual goals / Objectives:

  • Recruit: Proactive recruitment of membership.
  • Inclusive: Grow membership of women – target, at least 20% women
  • Inclusive: Grow younger membership – target, at least 10% <35yrs old
  • Inclusive: Recruit racers to join the team – target, expand future funnel engagement with youth rider teams/clubs

Committee members:

  • Director: Steve Reddie
  • Caleb Martinez

Partnership / Sponsorship (Director: Javier Sanchez)

Focus: Organize and grow sponsorships to support all our programs

Opportunity: Team sponsorship has been consistent over the last few years. There is an opportunity to improve the relationship with our current sponsors and also to reach out to more local business that can help us increase our philanthropic causes and reach out to the community at large.

Annual goals / Objectives:

  • Develop plan and organize fund raising effort for 2021
  • Nurture and Retain / support sponsors – outreach program
  • Grow Fund Raising for 2022 by 10% over current year

Committee members

  • Director: Javier Sanchez
  • Kamran Azmoudeh
  • Mike Charleton
  • Colten Fowler
  • Kevin Smith

Race Committee (Director: Cole Rasmussen)

Focus:Support and expand team member involvement in local or regional racing of all disciplines.

Opportunities: Increase team member involvement in racing by continuing the reimbursement program. Mentor and train members that are new to racing.

  • Recruit new race team members in various age groups and experience levels.
  • Expand race support into new disciplines. 
  • Host virtual races in 2020 to provide opportunities for racing, despite SIP orders. 

Annual Goals / Objectives:

  • Maintain a dedicated race team for 2020 and beyond.
  • Increase the awareness of racing opportunities for our members.
  • Communicate to our members the results of our race activities.
  • Increase and promote team attendance at local races to bolster race team support.
  • On Going: Race team to support the Ride Leading Committee on rides with Red Peloton, Sponsors, or other ride related events
  • Long term: Continue to support and improve upon the Tuesday Night Twilight race series, which will directly feed into the funding associated with the race team.

 Committee members:

  • Director: Cole Rasmussen
  • Race Team Captain: Mike Charleton
  • Kyle Ashton
  • Nick McGowan
  • Patrick Zahn

Social Committee (Director: LeeAnn Paul)

Focus: Support of our Club membership social opportunities for members to share experiences.
Support club activities and interests.

Opportunities: Provide opportunity for members to socialize and build comradery with cycling as a common interest.

Annual Goals / Objectives:

  • Focus on retaining existing membership by adding social activities, more diverse ride options, and an improved communication strategy. Targets:
    Less than 10% membership churn year on year (exclusive of moves)
  • Deliver at least 3 organized social events in CY2020 and 4 social events in CY2021
    • Annual meeting
    • Annual picnic
    • Camp/dinner
  • Ride/social (potluck picnic, departing/ending near sponsor locations)

Committee members:

  • Director: LeeAnn Paul
  • Jean Martin
  • Kristine Sheerin

Technology Committee (Director: Javier)

Focus: Support the team logistics and activities with the use of technology and automatization, which includes creating and maintaining databases, website, social media and online presence of the club.

Opportunities: In an era where the use of technology is ubiquitous, we need to make sure the club has access to resources that will improve and benefit our projects.

Annual Goals / Objectives:

  • Maintain website
  • Manage content of our social media and online presence
  • Maintain and automate database for membership, contact information, races, etc
  • Support Online events such as Zwift races, virtual club rides, etc
  • Support communication software such as Zoom, Skype, Discord for virtual conferences
  • Assist with technology in supporting events such as the Tour de Fuzz KOM leaderboard.

Committee members:

  • Director: Enrique Rojas
  • Nick Grudzien
  • Gwen Tunzini
  • Rudy Zarate