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The Red Peloton is a premier cycling team located in Sonoma County, California

Cycle to the Sun

Cycle to the Sun, The Race Up Mt. Haleakala Back (6/29/19) I’ve put off writing this report in part because I needed to decompress from this event and the lead-up to it. In 2016, I did Cycle to the Sun and placed 14th overall. My preparation was solid, but afterward I was wishing I’d done at least some altitude prep — half of the race, after all, takes …

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Copperopolis Road Race

Copperopolis Road Race Back (4/20/19) On Saturday 4/20, I completed my first road race: Copperopolis “The Paris-Rubaix of California.” The day was perfect in terms of weather (72 degrees and clear skies) and astonishing views. Since the organizer’s flyers specified that we should carry a pump and a tube, I decided to race with my saddle …

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Fish Rock

Fish Rock Back (3/11/19) Departure from SR and arrival conditions at Boonville were similarly dismal, but once we’d got organized and headed toward the rider briefing there were blue skies. However, the temperature was still low about 45deg (highest I saw all day btw) and higher up it had been snowing. The start was delayed …

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Land Park Criterium

Land Park Criterium Back (3/10/19) Moving to cat 4 has been challenging.Long gone are races where there may be folks dropping in and trying it out, perhaps not realizing that24mph is a lot different surrounded by 40 guys. In cat 4, everyone knows that they want to be there andhave put in the requisite number …

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