Red Peloton


Founded in 2009, Red Peloton is Sonoma County’s premier bike racing team. However Red Peloton’s mission expands beyond bike racing to support the growth and improvement of cycling and our community as a whole.

Bike Rides

Looking for opportunities to ride your bike in Sonoma County? Red Peloton provides resources for our team training rides as well as the best rides and routes in the region.

Red Peloton

Red Peloton hosts multiple rides to support all members and skill levels.

All the best local training rides for racing or just improving.

Our riders know the best routes. You can find them here.

Follow the Red Peloton team’s training on Strava.

Red Peloton


As part of our Mission, Red Peloton supports the Sonoma County community in many ways. Learn more about everything we do and see how you can support us.


Our Sponsors

Red Peloton proudly presents the companies who support our mission. Please support our sponsors.

Red Peloton