Red Peloton Membership

Interested in joining Red Peloton?

Red Peloton welcomes members ages 18 and up who are interested in bike racing, serious cycling, or otherwise supporting our mission in the community.

The Red Peloton is an invitation-only race/club team made up of roughly 80 men and women ranging in age from 18 through Masters 50+.

New Member Qualifications

  • New members can be proposed by any existing club members.
  • Emphasis is placed more on good character and personality than overall cycling attributes.
  • Prospective members should be sponsored/supported by two current members who have ridden with them and can vouch for them as a good fit for the whole team
  • Generally speaking, prospective members would not retain membership of another club.
  • Sponsors must impart an understanding of the club values and our requirements that everyone participate in our Club philanthropy and volunteerism.

How to Join Red Peloton

Step 1: Identify Sponsoring Members

Membership is by invitation only. Prospective members must be recommended by 2 existing Red Peloton members. If you are interested in becoming a member, get to know one or more of our members ideally by sharing a ride, race or volunteering to support one of our many community activities.

Step 2: Review our Bylaws & Handbook

Red Peloton Members must be familiar with our team Bylaws and handbook.

Red Peloton Bylaws
Red Peloton Team Handbook
Code of Conduct (from the Member Handbook)
  • Be Respectful – don’t use foul language or rude gestures, basically be nice! Don’t be an a$$!
  • Be Safe & Courteous – obey traffic rules, ride predictably, use good judgment.
  • Ambassador of the sport/club/sponsors – Be a good role model, you are representing more than just yourself. This includes what the team stands for and the reputation of our sponsors.
  • Wear the team kit proudly – Wear our kit to team events and races!
  • This is one way we had value to our sponsors. It is also how we can market our team. Plus it looks pro.
  • Volunteer at least 2 times per year – It takes a village to run the club, pitch in, get involved!
  • There are a number of volunteer opportunities that come up throughout the year!

Step 3: Complete an Application

After getting to know a member who will sponsor you and becoming familiar with our Bylaws and Code of Conduct, you will to submit an Application.

Complete Red Peloton New Member Application