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Red Peloton is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that promotes cycling in all its forms while maintaining our core values of giving back to the community, volunteerism, and positive bike advocacy.

There are multiple ways companies and individuals can support Red Peloton in our mission.

Donate to One of Our Programs

Program Support

Donations are always welcome to support Red Peloton team activities.

Support Red Peloton | Sonoma County California Cycling Team

How to Send Donations

By Check (Preferred due to PayPal fees)

Send check payable to Red Peloton:
PO Box 9483
Santa Rosa, CA 95405

PayPal at

For both payment methods please include details about:

  • who is sending the donation
  • who should be credited with the donation (individual name, organization, etc.)
  • any special purposes the funds should be used for.

We recommend also sending a message through the website contact form alerting us to your donation.


Red Peloton’s U23 Program supports young riders during the critical ages of 19-23 when they no longer qualify for junior development teams and have not become established as 20-something cyclists.

Other Community Activities

View the full range of community activities Red Peloton supports on our Community page.