Mission, Vision and Strategy

Our Mission

The Red Peloton seeks to be the premier race and cycling club in Sonoma County, and promotes cycling in all forms. We strive to be an enthusiastic, talented, safe, and inclusive group of cyclists, maintaining our core values of giving back to the community, volunteerism, and positive bike advocacy.

Our Vision

For the next 3 to 5 years is for the Red Peloton to become the preeminent cycling club and a strong racing team in Sonoma County for enthusiastic cyclists of all disciplines (road, cross, MTB, endurance).

Red Peloton

Red Peloton members Austin and Christopher racing at Red Peloton’s Tuesday Night Twilights (TNT) criterium bike racing series in Santa Rosa.

Our Strategy

To achieve our vision centers around the following 4 pillars:

Membership Pillar

Grow our membership with a purpose in mind:

  • Recruit: Proactive recruitment of membership:
    • Inclusive: Grow membership of women
    • Inclusive: Grow younger membership
    • Inclusive: Recruit racers to join the team
  • Retain: Actively re-recruit existing membership by adding social activities, more diverse rides options, and an improved communication strategy.

Community Pillar

Contribute in meaningful ways to the cycling community and beyond

Organize and expand member participation and engagement in Philanthropy / Volunteering.

Racing Pillar

Foster a supportive racing team environment

  • Rider/racer development program: Training, coaching, mentoring…
  • Encouraging and supporting racing: Recruit racers, financial, spectators
  • Improve the local experience to grow enthusiasm/participation

Sponsorship Pillar

Organize and grow sponsorship to support all our programs