Introduction To Red Peloton

An Elite Sonoma County Bike Racing Team & Community-Oriented Cycling Club

Founded in 2009, Red Peloton is the premier bike racing team and cycling club in Sonoma County in Northern California.

The hallmarks of Red Peloton are:

  • Being the premiere bike racing team in Sonoma County
  • Racing throughout the United States, particularly Northern California, in multiple cycling disciplines: road racing, criteriums, cyclocross, gravel, and mountain biking.
  • Supporting all forms of cycling as a healthy outlet in our community
  • Being respectful stewards of cycling in Sonoma County
  • Promoting cycling in Sonoma County through active involvement in racing and riding, chartiable events, community outreach and local philanthropy.
Red Peloton promotes cycling events, volunteering for junior development, hosting bicycle safety programs, and leading civic/charity activities.
Red Peloton

Red Peloton supports the primary disciplines of bike racing and cycling:

  • Road Cycling, including bike racing and touring.
  • Mountain Bike Racing and Riding
  • Gravel Racing and Riding
  • Cyclocross
Red Peloton is an invitation-only bike racing team and cycling club made up of roughly 80 men and women ranging in age from 18 through Masters 50+.
Red Peloton race/club members fly our colors with pride and promote our sponsors every chance we get.

A Non-Profit 501(c)3 Organization:

As a 501(c)3 organization, Red Peloton not only gives back to the community through our events and programs, we also work to make it a safer environment for cyclists and residents alike.

A sample of the events we produce and co-produce each season includes:

  • Producing the Tuesday Night Twilights Criterium bike race series
  • Riding clinics for community members
  • Participation in a range of local charity and community service events and programs.
  • Support of a U23 Bike Racing program to support young riders in the critical 18-23-year-old range when junior support ends
  • Sponsorship of junior-level riders both financially and with coaching