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Davis Bike Club 4th of July Criterium


Brian Castelli and I make the journey out East to one of the best cycling cities in all the States! Our race was earlier in the morning so we avoided the heat, which usually is a big factor in this race. The race had combined 35+ and 45+ fields, so there were roughly 50ish racers out on course. This course is a great technical “reverse P”, as pictured below, course with multiple surfaces and some undulations on the back straight away. From the start, the race was fairly mellow as far as mid-season crits go. After a few primes and a few attacks, 2 riders got of the front. Riding towards the front, I knew we needed to bring them back, so I looked around and told a few people that the guys off the front where in the 45+ category, so the rest of that group “needed to get on the front and pull”! 
This tactic worked pretty well! The leaders time was reduced and I got a free high speed tow for 10+ laps, but in the end we didn’t catch them due to some disjointed efforts and a few crashes! The main group stayed together, and I held on for 2nd in the field sprint, which was 3rd in 35+! Apparently both guys in the break were 35+ riders, which worked out for the 45+ group, but not me. Gotta pay better attention next time! 
Cole Rasmussen