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Parkpoint: Let's Hit The Road


On Saturday January 18, Red Peloton will once again partner with our sponsor Parkpoint Health Clubs to offer members the opportunity to experience a group road ride.
It was very rewarding last year to escort riders that had minimal peloton experience or a previous bad experience or had some concerns about riding on the road.  We received great praise and thanks for a short investment of our time.  
Red Peloton showed up in force last year and I’d love for those that participated previously, to again share their knowledge of group riding.  If you didn’t make it last year, please join us in 2 weeks.
After dedicating 1-2 hours with our group, you still have the rest of the morning to log your own miles at your pace.
Please RSVP to me if you can join us and I look forward to fulfilling our mission statement of promoting all aspects of cycling through activities such as training new riders and hosting cycling events.
Mike Charleton