Red Peloton Cycling Team

Sacramento CX #3 2021


Category A 45+  

With a 3rd place at Sac CX #1 and having skipped race #2, I was excited to line up for race #3, even with torrential downpours. I took a pre-race lap and had to immediately head to the bike wash. On the plus side, the mud was deep and wet so it wasn’t clogging up the bike but it was going to be a slog. I started out top 3 and slipped and slid around the course the first lap, through deep mud and rivers, then first place distanced me and I went back and forth with 2nd place until with 2 laps to go 2nd place made a few mistakes and I took advantage to leave him behind. I rode in 2nd place through to the end. The attached photos are from this race in ridiculous conditions. It has been years since Sac CX had conditions like this. I am hoping to continue to move up another place on the podium at the next race.

Kyle Ashton