Red Peloton Cycling Team

San Rafael Sunset Criterium


The San Rafael Sunset Crit is a huge race that draws thousands of spectators and hundreds of racers! As it is apart of the USA Crit series, this race is actually televised! I raced in the 35+ 3/4 group, since there is no Cat 4/5 categories. Knowing that I’d be racing against Cat 3’s, I was expecting  it would be fast and relentless! San Rafael is a standard 4 corner crit, however, the main straight away has a gradual climb, and after turn 2, there is a 1 block kicker that climbs at about 5%. Even after turn 2,  you have to be on the gas to get over the final bit of rise, before you go blasting into turns 3 and 4, which are fast! The race started off fast and stayed fast all race! Out of 50+ entrants, only about 25 finished! There were only 2 crashes, which luckily only took out one or two people on the outside of the group. I was trying to save and conserve as much energy as possible, but the elevation was brutal. A few attacks and a few breakaways were brought back, which kept the pace high. I managed to dig deep and stay towards the front for the final few laps. With one lap to go, the speed increased as people jockeyed for position on the last two corners. I held my line and position and gave it all I had left. I managed 7th, which is off the podium, but definitely good considering the competition and course! 
Cole Rasmussen