Red Peloton Cycling Team

Suisun Harbor Criterium 2021


Cat 3 Men’s Elite

I went into this race feeling very well prepared. I got a good warmup, and had a good night of sleep before race day. We were rolling off the start line before I knew it! An early break went up the road a little bit after the first prime lap. Nobody chased and it stayed away for quite awhile. Cassius made the break but I was stuck in the field. Every time we would start to pull back the break, they would surge ahead to chase a prime. Eventually, we caught the break within 5 laps to go. I spent too much energy in the last ten minutes of the race. I got stuck on the front and burned a few matches trying to get into a good position for the sprint. I went out of the last corner in 4th wheel and jumped right away. I passed two guys but couldn’t get enough speed to cross the line in first place. I’m happy with 2nd place, but I think I could have paced myself better next time. All in all a super fun event!

Riley Mullen