Team Ride 2021

Team Ride 2021

Red Peloton Official Team Ride



Hello Teammates,

We are excited to have our first official team ride since the pandemic. Here are the details:

Meet 8:45 @ Norcal Bike Sport

  • Meet and greet
  • Ride safety tips

Roll at 9:00am

  • Optional start point – Sutter Hospital at Redwood/Mark West Spr/River Rd junction is a common starting point for some riders. We’ll roll past Sutter/Bad Ass Coffee on Redwood Hwy at ~9:15am (be ready on Redwood to join in)
  • Optional start point –  and Ride start point. Shiloh Park on Faught Rd. There is parking (fee) and restrooms, we’ll take time to regroup and self select into smaller groups for the main ride etc. Roll from Shiloh Park about 9:40am The faster group first so that folks can drop back to another group if necessary

Route description: 


Segment for Ride:

Route from Norcal is about 55 miles there are easy bail out options.

  • Start where Faught turns onto Chalk Hill Rd – caution, the main descent on Chalk is a bit bumpier now
  • Chalk Hill left onto 128 – note horrible traffic junction and rough surface for about a mile – suggest singling up for ~1 mile (past Hanna winery) to keep out of the tarmac “tram line”.
  • Continue 128 past Jimtown store  through the junction onto Anderson Valley Rd  (store is closed – water refills)
  • Right turn onto Lytton Station Rd relatively shortly after the bridge – pay attention for this one, it’s not that obvious (if you miss it, continue to Redwood and turn right till the freeway junction below)
  • Right turn to cross over the freeway on Lytton Springs Rd – look out for rail tracks and poor surface
  • Awkwardly sharp Right turn onto Dry Creek Rd northbound

* We will all reconvene at Dry Creek store – this provides a bail out route for folks who want to return directly through Healdsburg and will reduce the distance by about 16 miles.

  • Left turn onto Lambert Bridge Rd at the store – road onto and over the bridge is in poor shape
  • Left turn southbound on West Dry Creek Rd
  • Right turn southbound on Westside Rd – sharp turn likely with traffic at Madrone Manor
  • Left turn at the bottom of the descent to cross over Wohler Br on Wohler Rd – max caution advised at this corner and across bridge
  • Left Turn onto Eastside Rd – this corner always has gravel just where you want to be
  • Right turn onto Trenton-Healdsburg Rd
  • Cross directly over busy junction at River Rd (quickly followed by)
  • Left turn on Trenton which becomes Laguna
  • Right turn onto Vine Hill Rd
  • Left turn at busy traffic junction onto Guerneville Rd
  • Right turn onto Willowside Rd
  • Left turn onto Hall Rd
  • Left on Fulton
  • Right into Santa Rosa Creek Bike Path
  • Left on Pierson
  • Right on 6th
  • Left on Morgan
  • Right on alley after College to NorCal

Additional Notes

  • Team gifts (large bag) will be available for pick up at NorCal or Shiloh Park. Please contact Cole Rasmussen if you are not able to get your gifts.
  • Plan for warm/hot weather – it’s the middle of July after all.
  • We will have SAG available on the main route – huge thanks to Phil & Javi for supporting the ride in this way. SAG can be contacted if necessary on the route and on the bail outs on these numbers: 707-228-9823 (Javi) & 707-890-0912 (Phil)
  • This a Club Ride, not a Race, but there will be groups of different speed who self-select for the ~25mins “neutral” ride out and again prior to the “route”
  • Ride sensibly to facilitate traffic passing us and be safe. This is NOT a race.
  • In case of repairs being needed no rider should be left alone until mobile again or SAG arrives (obviously same applies in an accident)

Javier Sanchez