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Month: December 2021

Sacramento CX #8 2021

Having ridden little over the past couple of months but wanting to get out and race the last local CX race for me this year, I hopped into the 45+ A field of the last Sacramento CX race of the year. Only 10 minutes from my house at Granite Beach on the edge of Folsom Lake. The organizers had to do some rerouting the night before because of the recent rain and snow causing water levels in the lake to rise and not wanting to make us swim with our bikes (running with the bikes is enough apparently). All sand all the time for this course but recent rain made the surface pretty tacky so the organizers did a good job churning up some descents and climbs to make them super sandy and make folks opt to try to ride or run, as well as some tricky rock sections.

CX Infestation Stafford Lake 2021

This race marked my return to outdoor riding as well as my first race since March of 2020 (21 months)! I was super excited to be out with the team and I love the Stafford Lake bike park. I’ve raced CX here in the past and the courses are always fun. This course was no exception.